Introducing J. Spitta: The Bankhead Underdog @Mrhot16

Who is J. Spitta??? "The Bankhead Underdog" explains:

"I am Johnnie "J Spitta" Matthis, CEO of 20 West Records. I like to consider myself the "New Face" of the south. Born & raised in Atlanta, Ga, I've been rapping & recording music for over 15 years. Although I am from the south, however, my music is far from the norm. I don't consider myself a rapper. I am a well-rounded artist. My flow is unique & I pride myself on being a lyricist. 
We've released our fourth mixtape, No Doz & Weed Smoke, along with 2 music videos. Prior to releasing No Doz & Weed Smoke, I released "Going For Broke" & "I Love My Hood volumes 1 & 2". 
More music coming soon. Stay tuned."

Follow J Spitta on twitter @Mrhot16

Check out the video for "Win By 60" below:

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