@ShoeboxMixtapes Producer Spotlight - SOS [@ProdbySOS]

Terrell “Reese” Perry (pka SOS) was born in Norfolk, VA.  He was raised in Marietta, GA, a suburb right outside of Atlanta. He studied Audio Production at the Art Institute of Atlanta where his love and passion for music grew even more. He has always had a love for music since he was young.  Both his father and uncle were DJ’s.  His main influences growing up were funk bands like Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Gap band, Zapp & Roger. His Hip-Hop influences included anyone from Kool Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, Rakim, TuPac, Biggie, Snoop Dog, & Dr. Dre.  “My pops listened to everything which is why I love all forms of music. SOS started producing music and making beats in 2006. His most vivid memories were when crunk music came to the forefront of the industry. “Parties were insane back then in Atlanta.” He knew then he had what it took to make the crowd go crazy when hearing one of his beats.

He makes it know that his style is different from everything.  “It’s my style.  I’ve drawn inspiration

from others, as with all art, but in the end it’s me.” He is a lover of every aspect of music.  “They all support each other, from the instruments, to the melodies and harmonies, even the lyrics.” Music was not being deep rooted in his family. Being born in the hood of VA and raised in the suburbs of GA gave him an entirely new outlook and perspective on LIFE & MUSIC.  SOS is a very creative person and loves all art forms. Constantly being creative outside of music helps him be more creative in the studio. His drive to learn and accomplish any goal he sets is what makes him a successful Producer! His ability to identify his weaknesses allows him to strive harder to make it one of his strengths.SOS goal is to be one of the few people that can do it for a living, successfully for life.  And definitely get a few Grammys and plaques on the way. Along with being successful in music he wants over to be a success in life which includes successful career, a loving family, and to travel the world.His favorite quote about music is “What would life be like without music?”

Production Credits Include:

Travis Porter

Go Shorty Go (2009)

Get Naked (2009)


Stop Hatin '09 (2008)

Sauced Up (2008)

J Futuristic

Leave Me Lone (2009)

Shop Boyz

Come on Everybody (2008)

Gorilla Zoe

Swipe (2010)

Band Geakz

Well Alright (2009)

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